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Analysis: Ranking Seahawks' Quarterback Options at Pick No. 9

It's almost impossible to gauge where the Seahawks are headed at the quarterback position right now. But if the Russell Wilson-sized hole on their roster lasts until late April, they may very well use their first top-10 pick in over a decade on a young passer. Ty Dane Gonzalez ranks their options.

Russell Wilson is heading to Denver, leaving the Seahawks without a de facto quarterback for the first time in a decade. Naturally, questions are abound about who will succeed the eight-time Pro Bowler and how Seattle will go about its search. 

Could Drew Lock, the fourth-year man out of Missouri who was acquired in the Wilson deal, truly be in line to start under center for head coach Pete Carroll and crew next season? Or does the team's reported interest in problematic Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson signify an intention to retool instead of rebuild this spring? 

On that note, it's not difficult to wonder if the buck stops with Watson. If his ongoing legal situation remains too complicated to navigate from a football sense, does general manager John Schneider turn his attention to the likes of Kirk Cousins or Ryan Tannehill on the trade market? Or, at that point, would the Seahawks cut their losses and roll with Lock or sign a short-term option in free agency?

Basically, if the answer is ultimately "stopgap," then the likelihood of Seattle selecting a quarterback with one of its top draft choices—perhaps even pick No. 9, acquired from the Broncos—goes up pretty significantly. But the feeling on this class of rookie quarterbacks has remained consistent: it's not great.

Nevertheless, even if it means "reaching" for such a talent, the reality is: the Seahawks may very well sacrifice the opportunity to secure a blue-chip prospect at another position in hopes of hitting the jackpot on a long-term signal-caller. If that winds up being the case, let's rank their options at pick No. 9.