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Seahawks Fantasy Corner: Grab Russell Wilson Where You Can

For the most part, fantasy quarterbacks aren't something you go out of your way to trade for. But when the market gives you an opportunity for a massive upgrade, you need to take it.

If your fantasy football trade deadline hasn't come and passed, you may be able to snag a major upgrade for a minimal cost. After all, that's what Black Friday is all about. But for the first time this year, Russell Wilson could be attainable via trade.

Wilson, coming off a three-week stretch in which he committed seven turnovers and scored just three touchdowns, had an efficient but rather uninspiring game against the Cardinals. In fact, for the first time all season, the Seahawks had more rushing attempts than passing attempts.

So on top of the turnover issues, or perhaps because of them, the Seahawks might be morphing back into the "run-heavy" offense they're famous for. In addition, the return of Chris Carson surely means more work for the running back position. If Wilson isn't going to be a volume passer, is he really a Top 3 fantasy quarterback?

Now, do you see how easy it is to sell somebody on that idea? Now sprinkle in the string of bad teams that the Seahawks will face and the obvious game script issues that will force Wilson to stop throwing midway through the third quarter and you may be able to turn Wilson into a junk bond.

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However, you know the truth. And the truth is that the Seahawks may be looking for more balance on offense, but their identity is still connected to Wilson's right arm. If you look at Thursday's box score, you'll see the Seahawks ran 31 times to 28 pass attempts, but you'll also notice that Wilson ran the ball 10 times himself. How many of those runs were designed? Zero. In reality, the Seahawks' "new, run-heavy offense" dropped back to pass 38 times and handed the ball off 21 times, nearly a 2:1 ratio.

The difference was the efficiency in the run game and the more conservative nature of Wilson. But keep in mind, a running Wilson can be just as valuable as a throwing Wilson. If Wilson gains 40 yards rushing, he gains the equivalent of 100 passing yards in our fantasy game.

So what should you offer for Wilson? Well, he's still a darn good asset so you'll need to bring some juice. In a Superflex or two-quarterback league, it's probably out of the question. But in a standard league, pairing some quality depth to a good QB could get things done. Consider offering Taysom Hill and Myles Gaskin. Or perhaps a Teddy Bridgewater and Kenny Golladay? Look at your roster and see where you can absorb a little bit of a hit. Tack on a good but not great quarterback and float the offer.

Even if Wilson isn't as great as he was in Weeks 1-6, you know you're getting a steady and reliable option at the quarterback position. And Wilson always has 40 point fantasy game capabilities that can emerge. So often in the fantasy playoffs, the difference in a win or loss is just a few inches. And picking up those few inches now is a great way to maximize those odds.