The Preseason: A Seahawks Fan's Appetizer

Football season is (basically) back! The full slate of preseason games begin this weekend to curb the appetite of football junkies and the Seahawks and their fans are anxious for the main course next month.
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We have all been there; staring at the menu, the anticipation of your food arriving while your stomach rumbles. You can't wait for your entrée and decide to order appetizers to curb the craving. Whether you are feasting on delicious rolls or biscuits from Texas Roadhouse or Red Lobster, or passing the time with breadsticks and salad at Olive Garden, the appetizers are delectable, yes, but not exactly satisfying. You eagerly await the main course. 

Much like appetizers, preseason football temporarily satisfies the starving stomach for the return to the gridiron. At first, you stuff your face full of it, having not eaten or consumed football in what seems like years. After a while, your body processes it and longs for something with more substance. 

Preseason football is technically, yes, football, as much as appetizers are food. They wear pads and helmets as well as throw, block, hit and tackle. The gladiator-like elements have always pleased the average American and most agree football season is far too short. 

For Seahawks fans specifically, many are anxious to see their favorite team don the navy, angry-bird lids once more. While you may only see Russell Wilson for a series or two, it will be refreshing to see No. 3 run around and toss the pigskin. 

We all know that the preseason football product isn't great. Heck, sometimes, it's downright hideous. But hey, it's August and it's football.

This preseason in Seattle certainly is not without intrigue or storylines. Plenty of starting positions are up for grabs. Cornerback, receiver and defensive line have spots still to be decided. Rookies will get their first chance to strut their stuff in professional football. Fringe roster players are fighting for their future football careers. 

Fans will also get a first look at the new offense Shane Waldron brought to Seattle. All fans have seen and read throughout training camp is how fast and uptempo the offense is. That will be a stark change from what they saw under Waldron's predecessor Brian Schottenheimer. 

Finally, if the 12s braved the travel down to Las Vegas, they will get to enjoy the first football game with fans at Allegiant Stadium. The spectacle of a stadium remained empty for the 2020 season, aside from the Raiders and their opponents. Seahawks fans also have two home games at Lumen Field this preseason, marking the first time the 12s will be able to see the Seahawks play a game in person since December of 2019. 

So do not feel guilty when you find yourself actually enjoying football this weekend, even if it's "just preseason." It's the appetizer—the Texas Roadhouse roll. Delicious, but not quite the main course.