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Despite Rumors Seahawks Could Be Sold, Ownership Change Not Expected Soon

With team chair Jody Allen remaining largely out of the public eye, speculation continues to swirl about the Seahawks and Trail Blazers being sold. But in the near future, a move doesn't appear imminent.

Since long-time owner Paul Allen passed away during the 2018 season, the future of the Seahawks organization and other major financial assets has remained up in the air. More than three years after his death, this speculation has only been further fueled by the lack of public appearances from his sister Jody Allen, who currently serves as the team chair for the organization.

But despite a report from John Canzano, a Portland-based reporter and radio host, suggesting a sale could be coming in the next few years, such a transaction does not look to be imminent. During the NFL league meetings, commissioner Roger Goodell said he didn't foresee "an immediate change in ownership" and according to sources with knowledge of the situation, Allen has not put the team up for sale and does not intend to do so in the next few years.

According to an article published in Los Angeles Times back in January, Jody Allen has been slowly liquidating some of Paul Allen's real estate assets, which have been "selling like hotcakes," including land in Beverly Crest for $65 million and a compound less than five miles away going for $45 million.

This could mean the professional sports teams Paul Allen owned - the Seahawks and Trail Blazers - could be next in line, as Canzano noted through a source that Allen's trust directed for all of his assets to be sold to fund his passion projects, including the Paul G. Allen Foundation.

“None of this is up in the air,” Canzano wrote via the source. “The instructions are clear: The sports franchises and everything in the trust must be sold.”

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Still, while Canzano speculated the Trail Blazers could be prepared for sale within 6-18 months, insiders suggested Jody Allen hoped to maintain partial ownership of the Seahawks, which is believable given her recent involvement in roster decisions.

Though Allen hasn't done a single press conference with media since taking the reins, coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider referenced her multiple times in the aftermath of a blockbuster trade sending Russell Wilson to the Broncos in March, saying she signed off on the deal. Most notably, Carroll said she told them they were "back in your wheelhouse" with a boatload of draft picks and a prime chance to rebuild the roster with the assets acquired for the star quarterback.

Along with giving her blessing and releasing a strong public statement on the Wilson trade, Allen also spent time in the Seahawks war room during the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft late last month, observing and staying engaged while Schneider and Carroll eventually drafted Mississippi State tackle Charles Cross.

"She was great and she had fun. She was in it," Carroll told reporters after the draft concluded. "She was competing and she wanted to know about who you may be trading for, and the whole thing, she was on it. So she's really amazing."

Considering her recent activity with crucial roster-related decisions and recent reports, this could be a case where Allen doesn't have interest in selling the Seahawks despite what her brother's trust reportedly directs. And if she does have to eventually put the franchise on the market, it may only be for partial ownership so she can maintain a stake.

Regardless, there's no sense of urgency for Allen to make a move at this time and with reports speculating the Broncos could be sold for $5 billion with five suitors vying to purchase them, the price of NFL franchises keeps going up. For that reason alone, there's little reason to rush into a sale and for the time being, fans shouldn't expect a new owner to take over anytime soon.