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Seahawks' Defense Functions Like Dysfunctional TV Couple That Can't Sync Up

Seattle's defense shows signs of a troubled relationship. Our favorite TV couples have shown things can get rocky before they get better. Will Seattle's defense live happily ever after or will things get uglier?
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Ross and Rachel (Friends). Derek and Meredith (Grey's Anatomy).  Ted and Robin (How I Met Your Mother). Buffy and Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer). Allie and Noah (The Notebook). Take your pick. These are all complicated relationships throughout the ages of popular TV shows and movies. Some end up together, others don't. Heartbreak is usually involved somewhere along the way. 

That's why we love those shows. Will they end up together? Will they be happy in the end? Or will they split up, leaving a gaping hole in our hearts? At times, it's maddening. One side is ready for the other to love them, but the other currently loves someone else or is distracted from the other's affection. Then they trade places in a cruel twist of fate. We have all seen it. 

What could help bring these relationships together? Better communication, perhaps. For others, it's sacrifice and selflessness. Other times, it plain just doesn't work out. 

It may be time to wonder similar things about the Seahawks' defense. 

Be it between the players and coaches, the coaches and other coaches, or the players amongst themselves, there is a relationship on the Seahawks defense that is strained. Like our favorite TV couple going through a rocky patch, communication is scarce, distrust is rampant, and the future is murky. 

Quotes that emerged following Seattle's demolition at the hand of the Vikings are troubling. 

"It’s a schematic thing, I feel like," cornerback Tre Flowers told the media after the game, "I got my own questions to ask. I’m [going to] fix it. It’s a little gray area right now amongst a couple people. I’ll fix it or someone else will fix it. I guess I got a couple of questions myself."

That is not exactly a quote that reveals a healthy, functioning relationship. Flowers is also one who is receiving the majority of the ire from fans. 

It's not just what was said, either. There was visible confusion on the field and on the sidelines among Seattle's defenders. Finger pointing, yelling, blank stares, miscommunication - things that usually describe a relationship on the fritz. 

There is hope, however, despite the ominous signs. Like any TV show, there is build up throughout the season that usually hits a climax in the season finale. There are fights, conflicts, tears of anger and/or sadness. In some cases, that is replaced by joy and happiness as the couple figures it out in the end. The Seahawks are just three games into a 17-game slate - episode three of a 17-episode season, if you will. 

Pete Carroll is right in one fact, saying, "It's a long season. We don't know how the stories are going to be written" in a recent press conference.

Seattle has 14 games left but in the NFC West, one slump can doom your chances at a division title or even a playoff berth altogether. It's not unfeasible to think that all four NFC West teams will be in playoff contention until well into December. 

They need to fix this relationship and fix it now. If they wait until the "finale" episode of this season, it might be too late. While some couples on this list are forgiving and patient, the NFL and especially the NFC West are not. 

Will they be like Ross and Rachel and find a way back to each other? Or is this relationship destined to fail, resulting in heartbreak and a breakup? Or in this case, maybe a firing? The defense needs to patch things up quickly or face a lonely winter. Fans eagerly await the episode of the Seahawks' 2021 season where everyone comes together and is on the same page.