Seahawks Form New Legion, Vanquish Superhero Cam Newton in Epic Prime Time Battle

Nick Lee

Everyone loves superheroes and with every good superhero comes a mighty super villain to test him or her in epic battle after epic battle. Sunday night's contest between the Patriots and Seahawks was exactly that: an epic. It was a game that took on comic book proportions, with bodies flying every which way and mighty, muscular men engaged in duels of strength and endurance.

Patriots quarterback Cam Newton, when healthy, takes on the persona of the Last Son of Krypton all the way down to his touchdown celebration of revealing the imaginary "S" on his chest. It doesn't stop there, as he regularly performs feats of extraordinary strength, especially when calling his own number in the run game. No word yet if Newton can heat up his own dinner with his eyes though.

On the other side, a super team of intellectuals and athletic specimens make up what I am calling the new Legion of Doom (yes, the inspiration for the Legion of Boom). This time, it is led by Pete Carroll. Seattle's head coach is not the follicly-challenged genius business tycoon that is Lex Luthor, but he pulled the right strings and orchestrated the doom of New England's superhero just as Luthor hopes to do to Superman.

It doesn't stop there. Jamal Adams takes on the role of fellow Legion of Doom member "The Black Manta" (as seen on Aquaman). Manta is an expert in military tactics and his suit contains a jet pack and torpedoes. Adams is an intelligent player, thinking about the Xs and Os way ahead of the snap of the ball. He jet-propelled himself across the line of scrimmage and chased down Newton for his second sack of the season. He helped torpedo the final play of the game as L.J. Collier, Lano Hill, and Bobby Wagner submarined themselves past the line of scrimmage to stuff the 250-pound quarterback and win the game. Adams' speed, agility, and violence with which he plays makes him look like a legitimate supervillain in the eyes of opposing offenses. 

Even though they did not square off face to face, Newton and Russell Wilson are both talents of science fictional proportions. Bizarro is a lesser-known villain among mainstream superhero fans but in essence, he is the anti-Superman and a fellow Legion of Doom member in DC Comics. Whatever powers Superman possess, Bizarro offers the counterpunch. For example, he has freeze vision instead of The Man of Steel's heat vision. Wilson is certainly not Newton, in fact, in some ways, they are opposites. But Wilson is just as dangerous and even more accurate and deadly with his arm. He is the antidote to Newton and his skillset. Wilson outdueled Newton on Sunday night, with a better passer rating (132.1 to 94.6). 

Lex Luth - I mean Pete Carroll assembled this crew with aspirations of world domination in 2020 in the form of a Super Bowl title. Through two games, though the defense is flawed, they have done just enough to stave off oblivion. Perhaps they found some Kryptonite before that final play at the goal line. All while the offense is displaying powers that the entire league should fear if they can learn to fully harness them. The upcoming Seahawks' opponents will need to assemble their own group of superhumans, because that's the only way they are stopping Seattle's offense. 

The Legion of Boom era is over, and that focused only on Seattle's defense. In this new era, Carroll gives rise to a new legion that incorporates a lethal offense led by the best quarterback in the league, spelling doom for defenses everywhere.