Seahawks LB Bobby Wagner Fired Up to Reunite with Bruce Irvin

Thomas Hall10

After spending four seasons away from Seattle, linebacker Bruce Irvin decided to return to the Pacific Northwest on a one-year, $5.5 million contract with the Seahawks, reuniting him with teammate Bobby Wagner.

From 2012-2015, Irvin and Wagner shared many memories together during their first four seasons in the league, including the team’s back-to-back Super Bowl appearances. Heading into their ninth seasons respectively, the duo will be attempting to achieve similar success working together once again.

Despite their time apart, Wagner couldn’t be happier about Irvin’s return to the Seahawks for the 2020 campaign. Even though they’ll likely have to wait until training camp to practice together, the six-time Pro Bowler is just excited that the opportunity came to bring "another beast" home.

“I love having Bruce [Irvin] back, I was excited to have him back. I think he mentioned one time we were texting and talking about him possibly coming back and I was like ‘man watch it’s gonna happen,’” Wagner discussed. “I felt in my heart that it was gonna happen, the opportunity is going to come and it came.”

Over their four seasons in Seattle, Wagner and Irvin were able to form a deep connection with each other and that relationship still holds strong today. In fact, the five-time All-Pro admitted that he kept a close eye on his former teammate and friend during his time away from the Seahawks.

While Irvin is entering his age-33 season in 2020, Wagner believes the West Virginia standout still has some room to grow with his play on the field. Since they’ll be sharing the same locker room once again, the 29-year old veteran is expecting to have a fun and positive atmosphere on the defensive side of the ball next season.

“I’ve always watched his games since he’s left and he’s gotten better and better and better. Over the years, he’s had years where he’s led the league in fumbles, he’s had career-high in sacks,” Wagner detailed. “So I’m excited to be able to be apart of helping him still grow and being apart of watching him still grow. It’s gonna be a fun room.”

In 2019, Irvin played in 13 regular season games with Carolina and produced 36 total tackles, 23 quarterback pressures, 16 quarterback hits, 8.5 sacks (career-high), eight tackles for loss, one pass deflection, and a forced fumble for good measure.

After the Seahawks featured one of the worst pass rushes in the league last year, they’re hoping the former first-round pick can help correct those woes in 2020. In addition, the athletic 6-foot-3 linebacker seems eager to play a mentor role for many of the young players on the roster next season.

With Irvin signed for just one season, he’ll undoubtedly be striving to prove that he’s still capable of performing at a high level during the second half of his career. If the Atlanta native is able to make an impact during his second tenure in Seattle, particularly getting after opposing quarterbacks, then he might be able to continue playing alongside Wagner for more than just next season.