Seahawks WR Tyler Lockett Hospitalized with Severe Leg Contusion

Corbin Smith

The Seahawks made a statement in a 27-24 overtime win over the 49ers on Monday Night Football, but their attention has now turned to the health of star receiver Tyler Lockett.

Lockett left Monday's game with what coach Pete Carroll deemed a "really bad" lower leg contusion and didn't play any snaps in overtime. He was taken to the hospital after the game for observation and won't travel back to Seattle with the team.

“He’s out of here right now to get looked at,” Carroll said following the game, “It will be okay, but it’s a pretty severe situation for right now."

When asked to elaborate on the injury, Carroll couldn't offer up many details, though he did indicate Lockett was dealing with substantial swelling that the team's medical staff was concerned about.

"There’s a compartment element in this so they’ve got to make sure and just got to take care of him. And we’re ahead of it so we should be in good shape.”

Carroll likely was referencing compartment syndrome, which is severe swelling of a muscle that can lead to a cut off of blood flow and potential nerve and muscle cell damage.

Luckily for the Seahawks, they are now entering their bye week, giving Lockett two weeks to rest and receive proper treatment with hopes he'll be able to get healthy for a Week 12 matchup against the Eagles. A timetable for his return remains unknown.

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Johnny Football
Johnny Football

Hope this is nothing serious and he can get back out on the field this year. Seems like it is more severe than many initially thought