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Seattle Seahawks: 'The Team Nobody Can Figure Out'?

"I just think we’re chasing instead of being chased, which I think is cool,” Schneider says. "I think it’s exciting.''
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The Seattle Seahawks are obviously in transition - an abnormal thing around here but a very normal thing in the NFL.

Why normal?

One, with players' careers lasting an average of four seasons, and due to salary-cap ramifications, rosters often turn over by 30 percent or so year to year.

And two, when a team has a "face of the franchise'' quarterback for a long period of time, and then inevitably turns the page? 

That, in this circumstance - which is Seattle's circumstance - is "normal.''

We therefore find it a bit odd that the Seahawks as they enter 2022 face not only questions, but also snark.

On Thursday, tweeted a tease to a "news story'' about this week's media session with Seahawks GM John Schneider and used the following tagline:

"Schneider addresses the 2022 prospects of a team that no one can currently figure out.''

But is it really that hard to "figure out'' that this perennial contender is now likely taking a step back, that new QB Geno Smith is a bridge to the future and that "in transition'' or not, "figuring out'' the season's fate of an NFL team on September 1, well in advance of any actual game, is a fool's errand?

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“I think the easiest thing to do is to say, well, who are the stars right?” Schneider said when asked about the plan. “I’m not going to mention names but, you know, look at the guys. It’s pretty easy to know who the big-time players are. I think it’s an exciting thing because the fans don’t know what’s coming and who’s going to step forward and I think there’s a bunch of opportunities for guys to step forward.''

The first part of the boss' remarks are sound and clear - especially as he went on to mention "guys like DK Metcalf and Tyler Lockett not mentioned in the NFL top 100 players, and naming Jordyn Brooks, Jamal Adams, Al Woods and Quandre Diggs. (See "Disrespected.)

Said Schneider: "It blows my mind.''

Maybe we're overreacting to PFT's smart-ass approach; consider the news outlet's coverage of ex-Browns QB Baker Mayfield addressing his thoughts on Cleveland now that he's in Carolina ...


Predictions are hard, but there are no secrets here. The GM said specifically of his young roster, "It’s important for them to develop people and I’m excited to see where it goes.” And he said generally about the status of the club in the NFC West, “(The) L.A Rams, like it or not, are the world champions. We've got to compete with them every single day.”

"I just think we’re chasing instead of being chased, which I think is cool,” Schneider. I think it’s exciting.''

There is no unusual level of mystery here. John Schneider just explained exactly where the Seattle Seahawks are. No snark necessary.

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