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Closing Thoughts: Final Observations From Seahawks' 23-13 Loss to Cardinals

The Seahawks have dropped five of their last six games, with their latest defeat coming at the hands of the Cardinals in a 23-13 affair at Lumen Field. Corbin Smith and Ty Dane Gonzalez break down the action and offer their final thoughts on a potential season-killing loss for Seattle.

Though they were able to avoid Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins, the Seahawks looked wholly uncompetitive in their 23-13 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. They were lethargic on offense, gassed on defense and would have been blown out if not for a pair of missed field goal attempts by Matt Prater. 

Now, they're 3-7 and sitting near the bottom of the NFC standings. Was this the final nail in their coffin or is there still hope for a turnaround? Corbin Smith and Ty Dane Gonzalez discuss all that and more in the video above.