Analysis: Dissecting Seahawks Fourth Down Stop vs. Patriots

Matty F. Brown

Somehow, the Seahawks defense found a way last Sunday. Down to the one-yard line, a game which should never have been this close was decided on the very last play. In the second half alone, the Patriots offense put up over 300 passing yards on a limp Seattle defense. The explosive offense was not without fault: Greg Olsen’s freaky drop gifted the Patriots an early touchdown. With three seconds left to play, New England trailed by just five points. They needed a single, paltry yard.

Things looked rough for the Seahawks. After all, there is no player you’d least like to face in a game-deciding goalline situation than Cam Newton. Out of the 83 players with more than 20 rush attempts inside the five-yard line since 2010, the New England quarterback has the highest TD rate at 69 percent - per Pro Football Focus. At 6-foit-5, 245 pounds, the 31-year old Newton is athletically and mentally gifted both as a runner and passer.


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