Dez Bryant Hints at Steelers as one of Three 'Dream' Teams

Donnie Druin

Free agent wide receiver Dez Bryant hasn't stepped on an NFL field in over two years. Bryant, who spent eight seasons with the Dallas Cowboys, tore his achilles tendon just two days after signing a contract with the New Orleans Saints in 2018, and has yet to return since. 

However, interest very much remains between Bryant and playing again, as the All-Pro receiver took to his twitter Thursday night to let the world know of three dream teams he'd love to play for. 

Black and gold, of course, are the colors of the Pittsburgh Steelers. The other teams mentioned above are the Cowboys and Pittsburgh's divisional rival, the Baltimore Ravens. 

Through his prime, Bryant was one of the league's best receivers. With accomplishments such as being a three time Pro Bowler, leading the league in with 16 touchdowns in 2014 and recording over 50 receptions in all but two seasons of his career, Bryant feels like he still has something left in the tank. 

Would Pittsburgh be willing to reach out? Despite possessing names such as JuJu Smith-Schuster, Diontae Johnson and James Washington, many feel the organization could use the talents of Bryant, a proven veteran they likely thought they were acquiring with Donte Moncrief last offseason. 

With limited cap space and the organization likely wanting to focus on retaining in-house players, the signing of Bryant at this point stands unlikely. However, it is notable that Bryant signed a minimal one year, $1.25 million with the Saints back in 2018. With Bryant being two years older, the team could potentially sign him to a minimal deal. 

Bryant has previously stated he turned a contract offer down from the Ravens last season, and with prior playing experience with the Cowboys (mixed with the departure of Jason Garrett), there's no surprise to see the other two teams listed. 

As Bryant eyes his return, virtually all teams could use the presence of a veteran receiver such as Bryant. However, it appears the Steelers are one of three teams on Dez's mind as he gets closer to returning. 

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