Film Breakdown: Can T.J. Watt Surpass J.J.?

Can Steelers' outside linebacker T.J. Watt pass his brother J.J. by the end of his career?

PITTSBURGH -- Can T.J. Watt reach the level his older brother, J.J., has earned for himself during his NFL career. S.B. Nation contributor, Alex Rollins, dove into the legacy J.J. has built for himself and if T.J. has what it takes to reach those levels. 

The difference starts with awards. Older brother, J.J., has three Defensive Player of the Year honors to compliment four Pro Bowls and four All-Pro selections. T.J., on the other hand, has only finished as a finalist for the award once. 

In a video breakdown, Rollins explains the difference between the two and how T.J. fairs compared to an early J.J. Keeping in mind the two play somewhat different positions, Rollins does a great job explaining how the Watt brothers have similar paths in the NFL. 

The biggest takeaway from the two brothers is that T.J. still has plenty of career left. At 25-years-old, he's yet to sustain a significant injury, compared to J.J., who has suffered multiple injuries during his nine-year career. 

Rollins also discusses another important difference being T.J.'s ability to drop into coverage. In 2019, T.J. accumulated J.J.'s entire career interception total. 

There's a difference dropping into coverage off the edge and playing interior line, but the Watt brothers do need to be compared in every aspect if we're talking about their impact on the field. 

Long story short, Rollins digs into the "what ifs" of both careers and leaves plenty of hope for T.J. to one day surpass his brother. For Steelers fans, this is what everyone wants. 

As long as he stays on one team like his older brother. 

Noah Strackbein is a Senior Writer with AllSteelers. Follow Noah on Twitter @NoahStrack, and AllSteelers @si_steelers.