Video: Steelers' Strength of Schedule is Deceiving

Noah Strackbein

The Steelers road to the playoffs is by no means easy. Without answers for Ben Roethlisberger's health or the development of Mason Rudolph, Pittsburgh heads into the spring with their biggest problem still at hand. 

When it comes to their actual schedule, though, they were given some sort of gift this season. Facing the AFC South and NFC East, the AFC North has secured four of the easiest strength of schedules the league has to offer. 

The Steelers' opponents totaled a .457 winning percentage finishing 2019 at 117-139. Only ahead of the Baltimore Ravens with a .438 winning percentage, Pittsburgh's opponents in 2020 don't bring much momentum from the year before. 

It doesn't mean their schedule is "easy". With teams like the Dallas Cowboys, Tennessee Titans, Washington Redskins and Houston Texans, the Steelers have young teams on the rise to deal with next season. They may be overcoming poor seasons like Pittsburgh but with new coaches and some late-season hot streaks, no team can be overlooked. 

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