Anthony Lynn: Steelers 'definitely not a 1-4 football team'

The Los Angeles Chargers host the Pittsburgh Steelers, who bring a dominant defense and a potential third-string quarterback.

Chargers Head Coach Anthony Lynn will have his hands full this week as he tries to prepare his team for the Steelers. Pittsburgh is currently dealing with a concussed backup quarterback, and may turn to their third-stringer, Devlin Hodges. But with a quarter and a half of film, LA doesn't have much film to scout the potential starter.

"Mason has enough tape this year to look at, but Hodges we just saw a little snap of him last week," Lynn said. "But I went back and I looked at what he did in college, and he be broke Steve McNairs all-time passing record."

Despite Hodges only playing at Samford, Lynn has seen what the young quarterback play well on some big stages.

"There was times when he was on the big stage at Florida State; he threw for 475 yards and two TDs. He goes to Mississippi State; throws for 470 yards and four TDs," Lynn said. "He just seems like being at a small school, every time he has a chance to play on a big stage, he showed up." 

But prior to this week, Lynn didn't know much about the Steelers' undrafted rookie. Hodges didn't sign to a team after fall through seven rounds, waiting for a call from the Steelers later in the spring. When asked if Lynn was aware of Hodges around draft time, his answer was simple. "No, to be honest with you, I wasn't." 

Lynn also has to prepare for the defensive side of the ball. The Steelers defense leads the league in sacks and turnovers, and have found a new level of success since Week 2. After trading for Minkah Fitzpatrick, this unit has become one of the most dominant defenses in the NFL.

"On paper, they're definitely better," Lynn said. "Devin Bush, he can run. Barron, I've played against him a few times, he's very athletic. In the backend with Fitzpatrick and Edmunds, two outstanding safeties. And then you have Joe over on the corner. This is one of the best secondary we've gone up against." 

To Lynn, the Steelers aren't as bad as their record indicates. Watching their season so far, and the close games they've been in, the Chargers' coach sees something much better than 1-4.

"They've lost three games by nine points. This team, to me, is definitely not a 1-4 football team," Lynn said. "They're a dangerous football team if you ask me."