David DeCastro Praises Maurkice Pouncey, Mason Rudolph Following Cleveland Brawl

Noah Strackbein

The Steelers found out Friday that they'd be without center Maurkice Pouncey for three weeks following his involvement in Thursday night's brawl in Cleveland. After 

Pouncey said after the game that he was in "protection mode" during the incident. As Myles Garrett ripped Mason Rudolph's helmet off and swung it at his head, Pouncey and David DeCastro stepped in to defend their quarterback. Pouncey was seen kicking Garrett's helmet as a scrum surrounded the three players. He's set to appeal the suspension on Nov. 19.

DeCastro says he doesn't remember much of what happened, and hasn't watched the play since it happened. He acknowledged it's something that's a serious incident but is looking forward to the team and those involved getting past it 

"I didn't watch it to be honest, I didn't watch the whole thing," DeCastro said. "I don't know, I'm just looking forward to moving on. I know big deal and what not, but it's one of those things where it'll die down and move on."

Pouncey received a ton of praise from players and fans across the NFL for protecting his teammate. NFL linemen have always been pinned as the protectors, but Pouncey's actions once again showed why he's respected so much in Pittsburgh. 

DeCastro agreed, and described Pouncey's actions as something that happens in the heat of the moment. 

"I mean no one's surprised, Pouncey's a great teammate, he's always going to have your back," DeCastro said. "Like I said, that was natural."

In the NFL, fights happen on a weekly basis. With so much happening in such a physical sport, heated moments are bound to happen. DeCastro's been in his share of events on the field, including Thursday's, and described those moments as something you can't really control.

"I've been on both sides," DeCastro said. "I've been on the side where you lose your cool and kind of just see red. I understand the emotions where you just see red and you want to go crazy. So I've been there, I can understand so someone's got to have a level head and deescalate it before someone gets really hurt."

On the other side of the Steelers disciplinary actions, Rudolph is expected to be fined $7,017 for his part in the scuffle. While some have expressed their critism of Rudolph's actions towards Garrett, DeCastro doesn't see him that way. Instead, he says his quarterback has grow a tall stature since taking over the starting job. 

"He's been a great teammate, a great guy you want to play for and make sure you're giving your all. He does a great job of himself but he brings a lot of people on this team. I'm sure he's done it since high school."

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Pouncey should get reimbursed by his teammates. Dude did everything right