Eric Ebron Wants a Forfeit for the Steelers-Titans Game

Tight end Eric Ebron believes the NFL owes the Pittsburgh Steelers a win.
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PITTSBURGH -- Eric Ebron hasn't held back when discussing the Pittsburgh Steelers schedule change due to the COVID-19 outbreak within the Tennessee Titans organization. 

The Steelers' tight end has said multiple times he feels the NFL should have forfeited the Titans game against the Steelers after the outbreak forced a reschedule. Tennessee currently has 21 members, both players and personnel, who have contracted the virus. 

The NFL is currently investigating the Titans' behavior over the last several weeks. Reports have been released that the team gathered for numerous workouts away from their facility after they were told not to gather. 

The league is also investigating their followings of the NFL's protocols to help prevent an outbreak, such as wearing masks and social distancing. 

"For us to go through training camp and a few weeks of football and not have anything happen, and all of a sudden, it's infested in one team, I feel like all rules wasn't followed," Ebron said on Friday. "I feel like you should punish the opposition. We didn't have anything to do with it."

Players on both teams of a forfeited game would not receive a game check, which has been a controversial part of the NFL's protocols. Ebron said he would still rather the league take action, even if he lost a game check. 

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