Steelers Can Clinch Playoff Berth in Week 12, With Some Help

Color Rush uniforms, turkey legs and a playoff spot? The Pittsburgh Steelers could have a big Thanksgiving weekend.
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PITTSBURGH -- The Pittsburgh Steelers could become just the 10th team in NFL history to clinch a playoff berth with five games remaining on their schedule. 

It'll take some help, but the Steelers are as close as anyone to claiming their place in the 2020 postseason. This comes with a 10-0 start following back-to-back seasons of missing the playoffs. 

To get in, the Steelers need to beat the Baltimore Ravens on Thanksgiving. They also need the Miami Dolphins to lose to the New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders to lose to the Atlanta Falcons. 

Earning a playoff spot would finally answer the question, what will come first, the Steelers losing or the Jets winning? New York's 0-10 record doesn't leave much promise to defeating the Dolphins, but anything can happen in a division game. 

A longshot? Maybe. But in 2020, anything is possible. 

The 1985 Bears, the 1997 49ers, the 2004 Eagles, the 2007 Patriots and the 2009 Saints all clinched their division with five weeks remaining, which the Steelers are unable to do this weekend. 

The Browns only have three losses this season, which would mean they need to lose their next two games to knock themselves out of contention for the AFC North. Baltimore will hurt their chances pretty significantly with a second loss to the Steeler on Thursday night. 

The Steelers will wear their Color Rush uniforms on Thanksgiving. The team is 5-1 when repping their fan-favorite uniforms at Heinz Field. 

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