JuJu Smith-Schuster Gets Personal With Fans on Reddit's Popular 'Ask Me Anything' Post

JuJu answered nearly anything from fans during an interactive discussion post on Reddit.

On Tuesday, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster answered a wide array of questions during an "Ask Me Anything" discussion on Reddit, a forum where celebrities (verified by moderators of the forum) are able to engage with any Reddit user with a potential question. Steelers players such as Nate Berhe and Chris Hope have taken part in the past as well. 

To the moment this article is being written, Smith-Schuster's post has 2,300+ comments on his post asking people to fire away anything they have on their mind. With Smith-Schuster's easy-going/fun personality, the answers are about as awesome as you would expect. Smith-Schuster said he enjoys spending time with his dog Boujee, and also believes Eric Ebron is the funniest Steelers player in the locker room. 

From JuJu pegging the Dallas Cowboys as the team he's most excited to face in 2020 to still not capturing a win in Fall Guys, Smith-Schuster didn't disappoint in the Q&A.

Some of the top questions (and answers) during the exchange:

Q: Outside of Heinz Field, what’s your favorite City/stadium to play in and why?

JuJu: Off the top of my head some great ones were New Orleans, crazy crazy loud, crazy fans, Cleveland, always a fun rivalry game, and Green Bay, historic stadium you can feel it right when you walk in, special place.

Q: Hey JuJu! Who’s the toughest defender you’ve gone up against and why?

JuJu: Marlon Humphrey, great player, big defender, plays the ball really well, smart, instinctive, he has it all as a DB! Love battling with him.

Q: Hey Juju, does your mom still make you do chores despite being an NFL superstar?

JuJu: When I go home, yes 100% haha

The question that got everybody in Pittsburgh ecstatic? 

Q: Do you see yourself retiring as a Steeler?

JuJu: Yes

Although a handful of people tried to get Smith-Schuster to answer questions about Antonio Brown, Smith-Schuster chose not to address them. However, he did answer quite a few, and if you're interested in reading more interactions, the full post can be found here.

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