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(Video) Mike Tomlin Addresses Steelers' Support Towards Change: 'We Stand With You'

Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin addressed his team's support of social justice prior to Friday's scrimmage.

PITTSBURGH -- Linked in arms, lined up across the sideline, the Pittsburgh Steelers took the field prior to their Friday night scrimmage.

In front of them stood head coach Mike Tomlin. And 24 hours after numerous NFL teams took a stand against police brutality and racism, Tomlin spoke on his team's social justice support. 

The head coach gave a heart-felt speech on the issues the United States has faced in recent months. 

"This evening, as we go about our normal football business, we come before you, standed united as an organization, as a football team, as football men," Tomlin said. "From different ethnicities, social economic backgrounds, and even countries of origin. We stand united by our talents and our love for the game of football. That love and those talents have taught us great love and understanding."

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He spoke for roughly three minutes regarding his team's stance and support to those who are fighting for equality. He ended the speech by saying, "We see you. We hear you. But most importantly, we stand with you."


Following the speech, the Steelers gathered at the 50-yard line to pray together for those struggling. 

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