Mike Tomlin: Nothing Alarming Watching Ben Roethlisberger Throw

Noah Strackbein

PITTSBURGH -- Mike Tomlin waited five months before seeing his starting quarterback throw for the first time since being cleared. Not to his surprise, when Ben Roethlisberger took the field for training camp, he looked like his typical self. 

In his weekly press conference, Tomlin told reporters that he has seen Roethlisberger throw this week, and saw nothing that needed extra attention. 

"You know, I'm extremely comfortable with where he is in the process," Tomlin said through a Zoom call. "It's been great communication from and through him and the medical professionals through his rehab process. I did watch him throw. I didn't see anything that was alarming in any way. His velocity is excellent. Maybe, his spiral could be a little tighter. I've seen it tighter but nothing to alarm you in any way. We're going to continue to proceed and proceed appropriately with him in an effort to have him ready to go when we step into a stadium." 

Roethlisberger spoke to media earlier in the week and said he hasn't experienced any setbacks thus far. 

"My arm feels really good," he said. "I threw a lot of balls yesterday, and I was kind of waking up today to see how it was going to feel. It feels great, and that is what I was kind of anticipating because we've been working more than usual in an offseason in terms of throwing."

The Steelers are in the NFL's ramp-up period of training camp. They'll begin padded practices on Aug. 17.

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