Kevin Dotson Was a Member of Steelers Nation Well Before He Became a Player

Kevin Dotson isn't just the newest draft pick of the Pittsburgh Steelers. He's also a full member of Steelers Nation.
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PITTSBURGH -- Getting drafted into the NFL is a dream for every player who hears their name called. When it's for their childhood team, it makes the moment, well, "ridiculous". 

That's what happened for Steelers fourth-round pick (135) Kevin Dotson. The UL-Lafayette lineman grew up watching Pittsburgh football, and by the sound of his family's man cave, he's always been a strong part of Steelers Nation. 

"The craziest thing about it is they're legit my family's favorite team," he said when asked if he knew about the team. "So to get this pick is ridiculous. It's crazy."

Being a linemen, it's almost ironic his favorite player growing up was Jerome Bettis. Better known as "The Bus", Bettis could've lined his 250-pound frame up against most defensive ends and won. 

But Dotson's fandom runs deeper than admiring a player. Since he was a kid he's rooted for the black and gold. 

"They've always been my number one team, I've followed them since I was about five," Dotson said. "Even in my house we have a big old man cave and it's all decked out. I've been following them forever. My favorite player used to be The Bus. All my passwords used to have 36 in them, stuff like that, just because of them. So now that this is happening, it's ridiculous." 

His coaches are excited that he's excited. Steelers offensive line coach Shaun Sarrett knew he was making a players' dream even more meaningful, and he's thrilled to add to that excitement.

"I know his uncles played in the NFL as well," Sarrett said, looking at his draft notes. "That was something that was said, that just goes into the process too. I'm happy for him, he gets to play for his lifelong team that he's loved and grew up watching."