10 Minute Takes: Week 13 Is About Way More Than a Quarterback Change

Noah Strackbein

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Week 13 Is About Way More Than a Quarterback Change

The Steelers' season is on the line once again against the Cleveland Browns. As both teams enter Heinz Field on Sunday, their 6-5 records will compete for the upper hand in the AFC playoff race. With five games remaining, the winner will likely have the rest of their season much in their own control. 

The loser? They'll be fighting from the ground up, praying for a miracle to land them in the postseason. 

On top of Duck Hodges starting, James Conner and JuJu Smith-Schuster out, again, and Baker Mayfield turning into the quarterback he should've been from Week 1, Week 13's AFC North showdown has plenty circulating through it. 

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