Cooking with State of the Texans: Putting the Texans Cookbook to the Test (Part 1)

Patrick D. Starr

The Houston Texans came out with a cookbook for the summer and released recipes from coaches, players, and front office personnel. There are some solid recipes from the Texans in the cookbook, some simple recipes, and difficult ones. 

So, State of the Texans decided to put the recipes to the test and make each one to see how they turned out. With 15 total recipes, we will release a video series on each recipe completed. 

In our first installment, we made Vanderpancakes submitted by the voice of the Texans, Corinne & Marc Vandermeer to the cookbook. 

Vanderpancakes (Dutch Pancakes)

The recipe for Vanderpancakes

Vanderpancakes Recipe
Vanderpancakes (Dutch Pancakes)

Making Vanderpancakes  

Overall Thoughts

These Vanderpancakes (Dutch Pancakes) are not your regular pancakes and will be thin. The best part of them the pancakes are versatile and could be used for any meal. For morning with powdered sugar, fresh fruit, or stuffed with Nutella (did one for my daughter, *Note place it in before the roll the pancake in the pan). 

Also, they could be used for savory dishes, like stuffed with seafood! 

Make sure you keep the pancake thin when pouring it into the pan and practice the roll, that will be the toughest part of the entire process. 

Difficulty Level: Moderate getting the right amount of batter on the pour is crucial and the rolling of the pancake is technique-driven. Both will take practice. 

SOTT Recipe Grade: B+ the best thing is that the Vanderpancakes is versatile and can be used for sweet or savory. 

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