Deshaun Watson continues to impress Brandin Cooks during the virtual off-season

Patrick D. Starr

During the virtual off-season, wide receiver Brandin Cooks is getting a first-hand look at quarterback Deshaun Watson and the things he has been able to do on film. Playing for the Los Angeles Rams in 2019, Cooks had no clue that Watson pulled off an improbable touchdown pass against the Oakland Raiders after being kicked in the eye to seal that week eight win. 

A play that Cooks instantly called Watson "A tough guy" and "warrior" for making that play due to the circumstances. 

Cooks sat down with NFL Network's James Palmer to discuss what he has seen with Watson during this part of the off-season. Despite not getting on the field with him, Cooks has come away impressed with his quarterback. 

Working with last season's film to learn the offense for 2020, Cooks sees what makes Watson so unique with the football in his hands. 

"No matter what's going on," Cooks said to Palmer. "As long as the play is alive, he's never going to stop. That is just what I felt from him right off the bat." 

Watson has taken over the team since he arrived in 2017, and the organization has not looked back. The Texans are 24-13 in Watson's 38 career starts proving that he is a difference-maker for the franchise. 

Cooks sees the physical attributes at work, but during the virtual off-season, the veteran wide receiver is being blown away with the knowledge that Watson has of the offense. 

"I got to tell you this guy is smart," Cooks continued. "Hearing the questions that coach asks him in these meetings and how quick he's able to just fire off the answers. It is really impressive." 

Cooks continued, "You think as a young guy, they will struggle with some of that, but I gotta tell you, he's right on the money every single time and questions being asked and that says a lot, especially you know at the quarterback position."

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I think these two are going to connect for some major plays this season. I am glad that they are getting a long so well during this off season.