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Watson Wants Texans Trade - No Matter The New Coach - Report

The Houston Texans might not be able to change the mind of their franchise quarterback no matter who they hire
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HOUSTON - The Houston Texans haven't hired a head coach yet ... but that may not matter to Deshaun Watson's future. 

According to ESPN, no matter who the Texans hire at head coach, Watson will still likely desire a new football home for the upcoming season. The franchise quarterback has been unhappy with the offseason activities of the team. Among the issues: owner Cal McNair told Watson the QB would be involved in the process to hire a new general manager but the team didn't consult with him. 

McNair has since apologized privately to his team's quarterback. 

Watson has yet to officially request a trade, though if he does he can have some control of his destination. Watson's contract includes a no-trade clause. The contract was negotiated in large part by Jack Easterby when Bill O'Brien was the acting general manager. 

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The Miami Dolphins have been heavily rumored as a landing spot for Watson. They own the Texans' third overall pick from the trade of Laremy Tunsil. 

Watson has spent plenty of time in New York this offseason leading to solid reports that the New York Jets would be an acceptable landing spot for Watson's football future. 

The ESPN report of Watson not being swayed by the head coach isn't absolute. It contains the hedge word "expected" twice. Expectations can change. It is newsy to report Watson won't care who the head coach is, but we view it as logical that he should still hear out the new regime once its in place.

The Texans have interviewed Bills' defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier, Chiefs' offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy, and Colts' defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus, among others. The full list of interviews is below on the Texans Daily Texans Tracker. 

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