From Davis To Deshaun: QB Mills Buys Texans Time In Watson Trade

Some teams were interested in trading for Deshaun Watson. The NFL Draft changed that.
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And just like that, the No. 1 Houston Texans storyline just re-wrote itself, by decreasing the constant consternation over what might’ve been at quarterback …

To cautious celebration of what might now be.

"LETS GO!,'' is Davis Mills' pinned tweet. "Can’t wait to get started! Extremely happy and humbled to be a Texan!!''

In no rational way is Davis Mills “The Next Deshaun”; that’s wildly unfair to the hopeful  evaluation of the former and to the established brilliance of the latter.

But while “hope is not a plan,” neither is “despair.” And with the 67th pick in the NFL Draft, third-round Stanford QB Mills is shifting the mood.

GM Nick Caserio is wisely downplaying that angle, saying, "It doesn’t impact any one player individually. You try to make thoughtful decisions. It’s not one factor. It’s not one person. There’s a myriad of things that go into it.”

But the "myriad'' includes Watson's status.

Deshaun Watson, in a normal, accusation/alleged-crime-free world, would be the hottest possible trade-block commodity - maybe the hottest in NFL history.

A 25-year-old superstar QB with a signed long-term contract, an impeccable reputation, a freshly-minted passing title and athleticism, skill and leaderships that rank with the world's best?

Name your price!

Unfortunately, for the Houston Texans, they do not presently exist in a normal, accusation/alleged-crime-free world.

And their situation worsened in Round 1 of this draft, as not only had teams sour on giving up anything in trade for a player with a career in limbo ... but half of the eight (or so) clubs that might have once bid, or might have bid in the future, just handed he keys of their franchise to guys they hope are "The Next Deshaun.''

At spot No. 2 in the draft, Zach Wilson just went to the Jets, who at one point were in on Watson because of their treasure chest of high picks. At spot No. 3, Trey Lance just went to the 49ers, who even as of Thursday afternoon were still open to all ideas, including any Watson ideas, Later, Justin Fields was secured by the Bears in a trade-up. And Mac Jones found himself falling to the Patriots ...

And voila! Half of the shoppers just filled their carts.

The Texans can take some solace in the belief that at some point, probably, the Watson case - he is accused of sexual harassment and assault via 22 civil lawsuits - will morph into nothing. Or a settlement. Or a suspension. Or ... something.

But that’s someday … and it’ll still be a dark day.

Want a “someday” with some sunshine? After the Texans found themselves sitting out the first two rounds of this NFL Draft, they provided themselves a re-write. Tyrod Taylor is still here to be the bridge at QB.

And waiting on the other end of that bridge? More that just a trade - Texans thoughts of what might be at QB.

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