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Exclusive: Malachi Wideman Chasing 'Big Dream' in NFL Supplemental Draft

The NFL's Supplemental Draft has given Houston Texans prospect Malachi Wideman a chance to chase his dream of playing football at the highest level.

HOUSTON — The Houston Texans' wide receiving corps has generated concerns ahead of training camp. But with the 2023 NFL's Supplemental Draft set to take place on Tuesday, the Texans could have another opportunity to improve the position group.

According to a source, the Texans are one of 17 teams who have spoken with wide receiver Malachi Wideman from Jackson State University.

"It has been an interesting journey so far," Wideman said. "A lot of things had to line up for me to chase that big dream, and that's to be in the NFL. I've played some good ball in college. But my goal is to play ball at the highest level."

Wideman began his college career at the University of Tennessee in 2020 but transferred to Jackson State the following year. 

His on-field contributions helped the Tigers finish the 2021 season with an 11-2 record en route to their 17th SWAC champion title. The 6-foot-5 wide receiver had his best collegiate career by notching 34 passes for 540 yards and 12 touchdowns.   

As a two-sport student-athlete who played basketball at Jackson State, Wideman's play during the season illustrated the athleticism and intangibles that have drawn interest ahead of the draft.

Described as a "freakish athlete," Wideman has the attributes to beat his opponents down the field with his speed while his vertical leap gives him the upper hand on 50-50 balls. He also possesses the intangibles to be a significant red zone threat.

"Me and all the quarterbacks that I've had, 'as long as you put it on the top shelf where the kids can't get it, it is easy," Wideman said. "As I've gotten older, the red zone has gotten so much easier for me — just making big catches in general."

Wideman spent two seasons at Jackson State. But due to "unforeseen circumstances," the 2022 campaign did not replicate the same success as the previous season.

Wideman missed nearly the entire season. But as he spent most of the year on the sidelines, he took a more resonant insight into the lessons of former coach Deion Sanders.

The opportunity to learn and develop under Sanders played one of the most significant reasons in Wideman's decision to transfer to Jackson State following his departure from Tennessee.

The Pro Football Hall of Famer coached at Jackson State for three seasons before leaving for Colorado's vacancy in December.

"Every day was a learning experience," Wideman said. "He is one of the best to ever play the game. With that last season of me sitting out, coach Prime taught me that everybody can be expendable, you have to take every opportunity for what it is. 

"Coach Prime was a two-sport athlete at the highest level, that was someone I was able to learn from and connect with. I missed a lot last season, but coach Prime still showed a lot of love for me."

The 2023 Supplemental Draft will take place for the first time since 2019. To make a selection, teams must submit a bid for a player who has struck a franchise's interest. A successful proposal would result in the team losing a pick for the 2024 NFL Draft.

According to the Draft Network, the supplemental draft has led to 46 players selected since 1977.

Wideman said his goal is to become one of the "all-time greats" by the end of his playing career. An aspiration that would make him the second Hall-of-Fame wideout to join the league as a prospect from the Supplemental Draft. 

The first came from Hall of Famer Cris Carter, who was a fourth-round pick by the Philadelphia Eagles in 1987. 

"I am a competitor — I love to win," Wideman said. "I don't like being outworked. And I don't like anyone getting the best of me. If you like winning, come scoop me up." 

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