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Teaming up with Deshaun Watson has David Johnson bought in with the Texans

Running back David Johnson is looking forward to teaming up with quarterback Deshaun Watson in the Houston Texans offense.

Houston, Texas- The arrival of running back David Johnson after the Houston Texans traded for him sent the NFL upside down due to the scope of the whole deal. Head coach Bill O'Brien saw Johnson as a missing three-down back for the Texans offense that he could team with Deshaun Watson to help expand the offensive attack this coming season. 

Receiving a text message from Watson welcoming him to the Texans was the start of a new offensive combination the offense will rely on in 2020. 

"We texted briefly," Johnson said of communicating with Watson since the trade occurred. "He just said he's excited to have me part of the team. I said the same."

Meeting with the media for the first time via a zoom conference call, Johnson did not hide his excitement on playing on the same team as Watson. 

"I'm very excited to play with him," Johnson said of Watson. "I can't wait to line up next to him and help him out, whether it be catching the ball running the ball or blitz protection."

Watching from afar, Clemson had their first appearance with Watson in the National Championship in 2016 against Alabama at the Cardinals home stadium in Glendale, Arizona. That is when Johnson saw the type of leader and quarterback Watson was on the football field. 

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"Just from watching him," Johnson continued. "I've watched him ever since college. He played actually down here, when they played in the bowl game, and I got a front view of how big of a playmaker he is for the offensive the quarterback playing calling the plays, and not just utilizing his throwing arm but also running the ball."

With the vision that O'Brien has for the Texans offense, Johnson has bought into his new team led by Watson at quarterback. Seeing his pass-catching skills and ability to run the football, Johnson envisions big things for the offense. 

"I think it'll be tremendous what we can do together," Johnson said of teaming up with Watson. "As far as for the offense and continuing like I said that success, and hopefully getting over that hump of through the playoffs and getting to the Super Bowl."

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