Tebow Time In The AFC South: What Does It Mean To Houston Texans?

AFC South rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars have taken many by surprise, with the news that they plan to sign former Heisman Trophy winner and Miami QB Tim Tebow, as a tight end...
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Well, it's happening. There is now a chance that twice a year when facing AFC South rivals the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Houston Texans will not only have to face Trevor Lawrence but the one and only Tim Tebow.

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According to numerous reports, the Jaguars plan to sign Tebow to a one-year deal as a tight end. 

The former first-round pick was a lightning rod for fans since his days at Florida where he won the Heisman Trophy under Urban Meyer, to his brief stint with the Denver Broncos where he, somewhat unexpectedly, led them to a playoff victory in 2011.

Tebow, now 33, hasn't played in the NFL since making 12 appearances for the New York Jets back in 2012. 

He did, however, have a brief stint in baseball where he played for four New York Mets affiliate teams going on to retire this February

What does he mean to the Jags? What does he mean to rivals like the Houston Texans?

It seems likely that his role for the Jaguars will be as much a mentor for rookie Lawrence, for whom the expectations couldn't be any higher. Tebow is famed for his personality and leadership and should be a solid shoulder for Lawrence to lean on as he adjusts to the pressures and expectations of the NFL, through training camp if nothing more.

When it comes to the regular season, Tebow faces a tough road to make the roster. The Jags already have rookie Luke Farrell at the position as well as James O'Shaughnessy and Chris Manhertz who, no disrespect to Tebow, are infinitely more experienced at the job.

That being said, when it comes to Tebow, you just never know what to expect. He has the build and frame to produce at tight end, and coach Urban Meyer, his long-time mentor, should know how to get the best out of him.

It will be interesting to see how the Texans cope with the dynamic duo of Lawrence and Tebow - Lawrence because of what he might do on the field against Houston twice a year, and Tebow because of how he might work behind the scenes to help him do it.

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