Terrell Lewis Says the Texans "love what they see on film" from Him

Patrick D. Starr

Alabama linebacker Terrell Lewis has caught the attention of the Houston Texans and his versatility as a player. Meeting with Lewis at the Reeses Senior Bowl and the NFL Combine, the Texans had gotten to know Lewis well before the COVID-19 pandemic stopped all visits to NFL facilities. 

Lewis met with the Texans staff, which included Bill O'Brien, the defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver, outside linebacker coach Chris Rumph and inside linebacker coach Bobby King. 

The star linebacker for the Crimson Tide went on Sports Talk 790 on In the Trenches with N.D. Kalu and Chris Gordy to discuss his contact with the Texans. 

The first contact with Lewis and the Texans was at the Senior Bowl, but Lewis even confirmed that they had another meeting at the NFL Combine. 

"They even talked to me at the combine," Lewis said on In the Trenches. "Where they kind of told me they love what they see and what they see on film. They like the player that I am. Getting to talk to them and meet some of their staff, they definitely like me."

Lewis continued, "Talking to them at the combine talking ball with them, they think I would be able to be a guy that can play in multiple positions for them. Whether it would be playing a little bit of mike backer for them, or even playing the edge."

Leaving Alabama early as a redshirt junior, Lewis posted 31 total tackles, 11.5 tackles for loss and 6.0 sacks in 11 games. He also was able to put up 16 quarterback hits as a pass rusher. 

Injuries have slowed Lewis, an arm injury that caused him to miss ten games in 2017 then a knee injury caused him to miss the entire 2018 season. 

Lewis discussed details of a meeting with the Texans staff that even the linebacker coaches see him helping out both of their position groups if he was on the roster. 

"Talking to different coaches on the coaching staff," Lewis continued. "You could tell they were having a little tug of war about me. like whether it was a Coach Rumph kind of saying, 'Hey, we need you going forward and getting to the passer." and then the inside linebacker coach was like, 'We could use him at mike too.'" 

For his career, Lewis appeared in 26 games with 58 total tackles, 14.5 tackles for loss, 8.0 sacks, and three pass deflections. 

Lewis appreciated the feedback from the Texans staff, especially how he felt they see his position versatility at the NFL level. 

"Them using me in different ways but getting a feel for the staff," Lewis said of the Texans. "It was cool meeting with them and talking to them, seeing kinda how they looked at me as a prospect."

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Just threw out a WR but I know he is top 5 , there alot of fast ones in draft Claypool from ND, Jefferson from LSU, hope they get one with the first 3 picks , BOB should hedge his bet on a RB as well !


The injuries are a big Red Flag, especially the knee ! But Id bet they get him knowing BOB's mind ! Zach Braun maybe at 57 ! Wr at 40 the guy from Colorado !