Texans Watch: Michael Thomas puts in work preparing for the season

Patrick D. Starr

Houston Texans' safety Michael Thomas is not only working to get accustomed to his hometown team but the defense also. Considered one of the top special teams' players in the NFL, Thomas could fit into the safety equation for the 2020 season.  

Thomas will be in a safety group that boasts leader Justin Reid, special teams standout A.J. Moore and new acquisitions Eric Murry and Jaylen Watkins. 

Defensive coordinator Anthony Weaver said they are excited to have the veteran presence of Thomas on the defense. Head coach Bill O'Brien called him "DTS" which is dependable, tough and smart which is the type of player they want on the football team. 

With open competition in the secondary, Thomas has a chance to win a spot on the defense with Reid and Murray heading into camp as the starters. 

With the Texans players waiting for clearance to return to the field, the team will continue their zoom meetings and Thomas himself continues to get to work on making sure he is ready for the season. 

Thomas was working with Rischad Whitfield, The Footwork King, and they posted a video of their workout. 

Watch Michael Thomas

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