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Watson Watch: Deshaun Scrubs 'Texans' From His Social Media

The Texans might be forced to trade a franchise quarterback. The latest on Watson's movement is here and the team has weighed in.

HOUSTON - The Houston Texans will have plenty of suitors for Deshaun Watson should the team honor the star quarterback's request for a trade. 

Here is the latest on the Watson rumors, reports, and movement. 

SATURDAY AM: DESHAUN SCRUBS 'TEXANS' FROM HIS SOCIAL MEDIA This is the way couples break up nowadays.

Not a lunch.

Not a phone call.

Just the scrubbing of any acknowledgement of their relationship from their social-media accounts.

Watson's accounts now refers to him as an “athlete.'' Some have speculated that the reference is a response to new GM Nick Caserio calling Watson "the player'' in a Friday presser in which he said Watson will not be traded.

Fact is, right now, Caserio could've called Watson "the greatest,'' "my hero'' or "God-like'' and it wouldn't much matter.


New general manager Nick Caserio started with a statement before taking questions at the introductory press conference for new head coach David Culley. 

"Organizationally, we want to reiterate our commitment to Deshaun Watson...We have zero interest in trading the player."

New head coach David Culley didn't expect Watson to be playing for anyone else other than the Texans. 

"The reason I'm in this position today is because I know he's going to be a Houston Texan."

Watson's request to the team is weeks old according to reports. Culley dismissed this as a concern in his interest in the Texans' job. 

THURSDAY JAN 28 PM: MORE THAN HALF THE NFL has checked in on Deshaun Watson according to NFL Media. 

The New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers were mentioned by name along with the Chicago Bears and the Indianapolis Colts as potential landing spots. 

The Colts should be out of the question. Deshaun Watson can not come to NRG Stadium every season and dice up the Houston Texans. 

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The Bears passed on Watson in the 2017 NFL Draft opting for Mitchell Trubisky, who is still on their team. Would Watson welcome a trade to a team that still boats the same decision makers?

Earlier in the day the Panthers were mentioned as a team to not sleep on in the pursuit of Watson as they would be "aggressive" according to NFL Media. 

THURSDAY JAN 28 AM: DESHAUN WATSON has asked for a trade from the Texans. The team has known of his request for over a week. It was likely a discussion point in the hiring of coaches. 

Watson has previously been linked to the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets. Each of those teams possesses multiple first-round picks in this year's upcoming NFL draft. 

THURSDAY JAN 28 PM: COLUMN - GET A DIVORCE There will be no "fair" offer on the table for Watson. Nothing will be enough. A never-ending hunger for value doesn't mean the Texans should go hungry though.

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It hurts, but shop Watson, and take the best deal and move on. Start looking for another quarterback and use the boatload of selections on rebuilding a bare cupboard of resources.

This isn't ideal, but it seems unfixable. Time will not heal this wound.

The Texans have been served divorce papers, just settle, and start dating again. 

JAN 27 AM: YOU DESERVE BETTER The future of Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has been the subject of intense debate and speculation in recent weeks, and the endless stream of misinformation has become an insult to Houston fans.

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This deluge of misinformation and baseless rumors is an insult to Watson. It's an insult to the Texans. And most troubling, it's an insult to you. Here's a promise: We'll work to stick with the facts - as troubling as they may be,

JAN 13 AM: WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO CALL DESHAUN? If Jack Easterby's background makes him "the character coach,'' and the team's top character guy says this, it should demonstrate to owner Cal McNair that Easterby's presence wasn't having the desired impact.

After the season, quarterback Deshaun Watson issued a well-meaning criticism of the organization.

"We just need a whole culture shift," said Watson. "We just need new energy. We need discipline, we need structure, we need a leader so we can follow that leader as players. ... There’s too many different minds, too many different ideas and too many people who think they have this power ...''

Who are those "too many people''? By this time, there was only McNair (well within his right to have "power'') and the interim coach Romeo Crennel (no power-broker, he).

That leaves one person as the "too many.''

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