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Tennessee Titans Best Fantasy Football Plays vs Los Angeles Chargers

The Tennessee Titans offense didn't put up big numbers in their Week 1 loss to the Saints, but there are still some great fantasy option on the Titans for Week 2 against the Chargers.

The Tennessee Titans offense wasn't very impressive if you looked in the box score, but looking deep at the film and you can see a ton of great opportunities the Titans had to make plays. They didn't take advantage in Week 1, but if they do in Week 2 there will be some tremendous fantasy football value.

All salaries are courtesy of Draft Kings*

Derrick Henry - $7,400

If you have Henry in season-long fantasy there is no hesitation about firing him up, but in daily fantasy it would be fair to be worried about Henry as an option after he was out-snapped by rookie Tyjae Spears.

Regardless, this is a hammer spot for Henry who isn't even in the top-five most expensive backs. Henry ran for over 100 yards and a touchdown in last year's matchup with the Chargers and, in theory, the Titans are healthier than they were then which gives them a chance to do even more damage on the ground with the King.

Tyjae Spears - $4,600

Spears is ranked as the 56th running back, that is absurd. Spears' statistical performance wasn't incredible on first look, but again, a deeper look shows something more. Spears averaged nine yards per carry and only got three carries. If Tannehill is more accurate, Spears had a 60-yard touchdown catch in the fourth quarter. 

Again, Spears out-snapped Henry last week. The Titans want to get Spears involved. Not only that, but the Chargers' starting linebacker Kenneth Murray is not a starting-level player in the NFL and if the Chargers play man defense like is expected, Spears should torch the linebacker.

Chig Okonkwo - $3,300

Like Spears, Okonkwo's box score looks awful(0 catches, 0 yards), but he had plenty of chances to make huge plays that were simply missed by Tannehill. Okonwo had a deep crosser off play action and a wheel route on the reverse pass that were both wide open. With average NFL quarterback play Okonkwo goes for over 100 and two scores.

I refer back to Kenneth Murray, the Chargers' linebacker. He is a vulnerability over the middle of the field. The Titans need to get him in man coverage on their backs and tight ends then hunt the matchups. Murray can't keep up with Okonkwo, which gives the tight end the chance to have a big day.

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