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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans continue building out their organization under new general manage Ran Carthon with the addition of Anthony Robinson as assistant general manager. Robinson will be in charge of of the scouting department and will join the other assistant general manager, Chad Brinker, as the highest ranked front office employees under Carthon.

Robinson will lead the scouts on the pro and college side and help find talent that the Titans can add to their roster while also helping scout the Titans' opponents. This will differ from Brinker's role in football operations that centers more around salary cap, transactions and injury management. 

The system we will see from the Titans that has two assistant general managers with differing roles that both report to Carthon is a system also used in Cleveland and Philadelphia. It shows again that the Titans are trying to modernize their processes after the hire of Carthon. Not only are the Titans revamping their organizational structure, but they have added elements of analytics into their process since bringing on Brinker.

Robinson has had an incredible journey on his way to the Titans. Robinson was working as a car salesman as a 22 year old outside of the game of football when he called Ravens front office member Eric DeCosta 19 years ago. According to an article on the Atlanta Falcons team site, Robinson's former employee, it was then Robinson tried to get into scouting. 

Robinson had no college degree or scouting experience so he was unable to get a position with the Ravens at that time, but it was the beginning of an incredible story. Robinson then went back to college and started coaching college football. He eventually got his shot with the Ravens in 2006 as an intern.

Robinson slowly worked his way through multiple positions and roles until he was hired by the Atlanta Falcons in 2008 as a scouting assistant. Robinson worked on the pro and college side and despite numerous coaching changes in Atlanta from 2008 to now, Robinson stuck with the team and made his way up to Director of College Scouting in 2019.

Robinson will take all the knowledge he has gained as a scout and director and bring that over to Nashville. He will now be the head of the entire scouting process for the Titans and is likely one of the many changes Carthon will make to his front office now that the 2023 NFL draft is complete.

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