Countdown to Kickoff: 77 Days

David Boclair

The countdown to kickoff continues.

The Tennessee Titans will open the 2020 regular season Sept. 14 at Denver. That is 77 days away. So, today we look at one way the number 77 figures into the team’s recent history.

The Tennessee Titans did not just get better as the 2019 progressed.

They got better as games went along, which was apparent in the fact that they scored 77 points more in the fourth quarter than they did in the first during the regular season.

Tennessee scored 146 fourth-quarter points, fourth most in the NFL and the franchise’s highest total since 2013.

In advance of that they scored 69 points in the first quarter, 77 in the second quarter and 110 in the third quarter. That made 2019 the first season of the Titans era (1999-present) in which their point total increased with each successive quarter. Much more often than not, the second quarter has been the one the produced the most points.

Tennessee was the only NFL team that had an increasingly higher point total throughout the quarters and the difference between the first and fourth was tied for the largest. Houston also scored 77 points more in the fourth than in the first. Atlanta scored 76 more.

It is a small sample but a flourish at the finish seem to be a thing under current coach Mike Vrabel. In each of the two seasons since he replaced Mike Mularkey, they Titans’ highest-scoring quarter was the fourth. In 2018, Tennessee scored 101 points in the fourth, 25 more than in any of the first three.