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NASHVILLE — The Tennessee Titans’ top voices on the football side are currently at the league meetings in Phoenix, Arizona and Titans’ general manager Ran Carthon spoke on a number of different topics. Carthon touched on his moves in free agency so far and focused on new offensive lineman Andre Dillard. Carthon seems excited about who Dillard is right now and what he can continue to grow into.

The first move the Titans made in free agency was inking Dillard to a three-year deal. Dillard was drafted in 2019, but due to injuries and inconsistent play Dillard was passed on the depth chart in Philadelphia and has been in a backup role the last season and a half. Carthon talked about Dillard’s skillset and why he thinks Dillard deserves a chance as a starter when he spoke with Jim Wyatt of

"With Andre, I guess for a lack of a better way to put it, is untapped potential," Carthon explained. "This is a guy who was a former first-round pick, really athletic, and he just continues to get better – he just needed an opportunity.”

Carthon is spot on in his evaluation of Dillard here. Dillard was considered one of the most athletic tackle prospects we had seen in years when he came out of college in 2019. The Eagles had one of the best offensive lines in the NFL so it is possible Dillard is worthy of a starting role, but was just behind a great group in the city of brotherly love.

Carthon also took the time to clear up some confusion on what Dillard’s expected role was. We heard Dillard say he had his eyes set on the left tackle spot during his introductory press conference with the Titans, but hadn’t heard the plan from the front office yet. Carthon echoed Dillard’s comments and said they want to try Dillard out at his natural position of left tackle first, but Carthon also indicated they do believe Dillard could provide some versatility and play at other positions on the offensive line.

"We'd like to start him off at left tackle and have him there first, and see how it goes," said Carthon. "But he's another guy that's played guard, and I think the big thing is having versatility."

The Titans definitely had a ‘type” when it comes to their free agent signings this offseason. Carthon prioritized players that went much cheaper than the names at the top of the market, but also guys who have had limited opportunities to show what they can really do. Dillard certainly fits that mold and Carthon is hoping Dillard can live up to that “untapped potential.”

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