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Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment

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June 24, 1996

Crime and Punishment

After high school star Richie Parker was convicted of sexual abuse, those who tried to salvage—and savage—his basketball career were scarred by their experience

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Rapture of the Deep Rapture of the Deep

From Issue

June 16, 2003

Rapture of the Deep

Carried away by love—for risk and for each other—two of the world's best freedivers went to the limits of their sport. Only one came back

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Hurts So Good Hurts So Good

From Issue

June 23, 2008

Hurts So Good

Playing in pain and not at the top of his game, Tiger Woods battled Torrey Pines for 91 holes, rallying late in regulation and again in a playoff to overcome long shot Rocco Mediate for what he ranked as the best of his 14 major championships

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Ready for the Big Time Ready for the Big Time

From Issue

March 08, 2004

Ready for the Big Time

Already a polished star, Brooklyn hoops phenom Sebastian Telfair is set to become the first point guard to jump from high school to the NBA

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The Rabbit Hunter The Rabbit Hunter

From Issue

Jan. 26, 1981

The Rabbit Hunter

Bobby Knight may be tremendously successful on the court, but off it, Indiana's controversial basketball coach often stalks the insignificant

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