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Pure Heart Pure Heart

From Issue

June 04, 1990

Pure Heart

In waging the most glorious triple crown campaign ever, Secretariat made racing history. In the doing, he took the author on an unforgettably exhilarating ride

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The Breakthrough The Breakthrough

From Issue

May 05, 1997

The Breakthrough

Fifty Years Ago, over Fourteen Games in May, Jackie Robinson Erased Any Doubt that He Belonged in the Majors, Clearing the Path for Other Black Players

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'The Fight's Over, Joe' 'The Fight's Over, Joe'

From Issue

Sept. 30, 1996

'The Fight's Over, Joe'

More than two decades after they first met in the ring, Joe Frazier is still taking shots at Muhammad Ali, but this time it's a war of words

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Bobby Fischer Bobby Fischer

From Issue

July 29, 1985

Bobby Fischer

While conducting a search that turned into an obsession, the author discovers a great deal about the chess genius who drifted into seclusion after winning the world title

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Twilight of a Titan Twilight of a Titan

From Issue

Sept. 30, 1991

Twilight of a Titan

As his unparalleled career winds down, A.J. Foyt still looks for fulfillment

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