SI Insider: Ryan Garcia Expresses Frustration with His Broadcast Partner DAZN

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One of boxing's rising stars expressed frustration on Monday night over his deal with his broadcasting partner, DAZN. SI's Chris Mannix had the chance to speak with Garcia and shares his thoughts on the conversation he had with the young fighter.

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Robin Lundberg: Ryan Garcia is arguably the biggest young star in boxing. Now he wants to get paid like one. For more, I'm joined by our senior writer, Chris Mannix. Chris, Ryan took to social media last night in expressing frustration with his broadcast partner, DAZN. You spoke with him. What did he tell you?

Chris Mannix: Yeah, I got a chance to talk to Ryan late on Monday night. And Ryan is one of those young fighters that has fast emerged over the last six months as one of the bigger young stars in boxing. He's coming off back-to-back knockout wins. In his last fight, he drew 10,000 plus crowds in Anaheim. So he has started to put himself on the map as a big time star. I think Ryan's looking around at some of the other fighters getting paid seven figure purses and wondering where his seven figure purse is. Now, he did sign a contract back in September of 2019. That was, at the time, when the most lucrative contracts for a prospect in boxing history. But this point in Ryan's career as he looks forward to his next fights, he wants to get paid commensurate with the ratings that he brings in and the crowds that he draws. He wants to be paid like a top-level fighter. 

Robin Lundberg: Well, you know, part of getting paid like that are the big fights. What kind of fights can be made for him in this year? 

Chris Mannix: One thing Ryan made clear to me was that he wasn't going to be ducking anybody. He understands that Floyd Mayweather made a lot of money, sort of handpicking opponents and making sure that undefeated record was a big part of his identity. Ryan said he doesn't care. He's not afraid to go out there and lose. He wants the biggest challenges right now. Specifically mentioned Devin Haney. A 135-pound title holder been circling Ryan for the last few months now. And Gervonta Davis, another two division title holder who has had some verbal sparring matches with Ryan on social media. So Ryan said, look, I want to be paid the money I deserve, but I'm willing to fight the fights you need to put me in, for me to get it.