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Class of 2022 Alabama Football Recruiting Tracker: WR Aaron Anderson Joins Crimson Tide

After securing the No. 1 spot in the 2021 recruiting cycle, can coach Nick Saban and company do it again in 2022?
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The traditional signing day and close to the 2022 recruiting cycle is still months away in February, and Alabama has all but officially locked up the No. 1 class in the country upon latest release of Sports Illustrated All-American class rankings in November. 

With that, we can now turn our attention to how the Crimson Tide wraps up its latest recruiting class, where Alabama will again attempt to show its blue-blood power and bring in another crop of talented prospects. 

Coach Nick Saban and company hit on key targets of need in the 2021 class like the offensive line and wide receiver corp, and in 2022, the attention turns to edge rushers, secondary, defensive line, tight end, and maybe another premier signal caller. 

As it stands now, the Crimson Tide has 17 verbal pledges including the likes of linebackers Robert Woodyard and Shawn Murphy, offensive tackle Tyler Booker, defensive end Jeremiah Alexander, defensive tackle Walter Bob Jr., tight ends Elijah Brown and Amari Niblack, quarterback Ty Simpson, defensive back Antonio Kite, running back Emmanuel Henderson, defensive tackle Jaheim Oatis and wide receiver Kobe Prentice.

This story will serve as Bama Central's one-stop shop for updates to prospects as they commit to the Crimson Tide with their highlights and vitals. 

Committments (20)

  1. RB Emmanuel Henderson (Geneva County, Hartford, Ala.) 
  2. QB Ty Simpson (Westview; Martin, Tenn.)
  3. TE Elijah Brown (Wayne; Dayton, Ohio)
  4. DE/LB Walter Bob (Acadiana; Lafayette, La.)
  5. ILB Robert Woodyard, (Williamson; Mobile, Ala.)
  6. DT Jaheim Oatis (Columbia; Columbia, Miss.)
  7. WR/TE Amari Niblack (Lakewood; Clearwater, Fla.)
  8. DB Antonio Kite (Anniston; Anniston, Ala.)
  9. DE Jeremiah Alexander (Thompson; Alabaster, Ala.)
  10. OT Tyler Booker (IMG Academy; Bradenton, Fla.)
  11. LB Shawn Murphy (Unity Reed; Manassas, Va.)
  12. WR Kobe Prentice (Calera; Calera, Ala.)
  13. OT Dayne Shor (Denmark; Alpharetta, Ga.)
  14. S Jake Pope (Buford; Buford, GA)
  15. OT Elijah Pritchett (Carver; Columbus, Ga.)
  16. TE Jaleel Skinner (IMG Academy; Bradenton, Fla.)
  17. CB Trequon Fegans (Thompson; Alabaster, Ala.)
  18. WR Aaron Anderson (Edna Karr; New Orleans, La.)
  19. DL Isaiah Hastings (Clearwater Academy International; Clearwater, Fla.)
  20. RB Jamarion Miller (Tyler Legacy; Tyler, Texas)

OT Tyler Booker (IMG Academy - Bradenton, Fla.)

"Expect everything that you would expect out of the top tackle in the country," Booker told Sports Illustrated All-American of what Crimson Tide fans should expect. "Hard worker and I'm looking to start and give it my all day one. I'm willing to learn and I can't wait to be emerged in the community and Roll Tide."

Height: 6'5

Weight: 325


247Sports: No. 5 OT, No. 39 OVR

Rivals: No. 9 OT, No. 103 OVR

ESPN: No. 1 OT, No. 7 OVR

DE Jeremiah Alexander (Thompson - Alabaster, Ala.)

"Where the college projection becomes interesting is in what else he can provide," SIAA analyst and recruiting director John Garcia Jr. said. "At Alabama, could he mirror what Rashaan Evans was asked to do over the course of his career? A bit longer than his class of 2022 counter part, Evans came up as an edge and assimilated into a first-round off ball 'backer. Alexander has more experience at the latter, with as strong a floor as a pass rusher with speed, power and technique all on his side. Can he cover? If so, just running backs and tight ends or can he wall off an inside receiver on third and medium? As he grows into the frame more, the possibilities may expand -- enhancing the value further. Regardless of where he lines up most in college, adding the prospect and person in picking up Alexander will be one of the more memorable wins for Nick Saban's staff once we look back on this class down the line."

Height: 6'2

Weight: 235


247Sports: No. 1 DE, No. 16 OVR

Rivals: No. 1 DE, No. 62 OVR

ESPN: No. 2 DE, No. 11 OVR

DB Antonio Kite (Anniston - Anniston, Ala.)

"Antonio has maybe the most natural athleticism of all [Alabama DB targets] this class," Sports Illustrated All-American football recruiting director John Garcia Jr. previously said on the All Things Bama Podcast. "He is an outstanding basketball player helping Anniston win a state title but his future is in football and Antonio knows that. He knows he's a football player at the collegiate level... Kite is a true-cover corner similar to a Jaycee-Horn build. He's a little more compact but with great length, speed and explosiveness. I think he could end up playing Nickel or that traditional corner spot."

Height: 6'1

Weight: 180


247Sports: No. 23 ATH, No. 342 OVR

Rivals: No. 17 S, No. 246 OVR

ESPN: No. 18 ATH

WR/TE Amari Niblack (Lakewood - Clearwater, Fla.)

"Niblack works as a true modern tight end prospect at the prep level on an impressive 6’4”, 215-pound frame," Sports Illustrated All-American football recruiting director and analyst John Garcia Jr. said. "While working attacked to the line of scrimmage, he is a willing blocker with great urgency at the point of attack, with length and leg drive to boot, including true comfort getting to the second or third level. While lined up split out, as he often is, he is a true dual threat with the ability to stretch the field like a big wide receiver due to his stride, range and catch radius. As his frame fills out even more, Niblack has a chance to develop into a true mismatch nightmare in the SEC as the technique and receiving polish improves."

Height: 6'4

Weight: 225


247Sports: No. 41 ATH, No. 492 OVR

Rivals: No. 78 WR


DT Jaheim Oatis (Columbia; Columbia, Miss.)

"The scariest part of his game at this early juncture is that Oatis plays on a low plane despite the height and considerable weight, which he carries quite well, by the way," SIAA recruiting director John Garcia Jr. said. "While there is work to be done from a lateral and pass rush tool perspective, the ability to collapse the pocket and/or play straight on with dominance is available at will. This is the type of prospect that reminds the data-driven, numbers-based football community that there is still plenty of room for brute force because Oatis brings it in bunches." As a junior, Oatis recorded 65 total tackles, 18 tackles for loss, three sacks and blocked four field goals.

Height: 6'6

Weight: 349


247Sports: No. 82 OVR, No. 5 DT

Rivals: No. 192 OVR, No. 10 DT

ESPN: No. 215 OVR, No. 16 DT

QB Ty Simpson (Westview; Martin, Tenn.)

"Ty has great athleticism," Westview coach Jarod Neal told BamaCentral "His arm talent is off the charts. He can make any throw he wants. His competitive drive and football IQ is much higher than most high school athletes in general." During his junior year, Simpson completed 124 of his 203 pass attempts for 1,888 yards and 20 touchdowns with only four interceptions. He also rushed for 311 and an additional seven scores in a year that was shortened due to COVID-19.

Height: 6'2

Weight: 185


247Sports: No. 3 QB, No. 27 OVR

Rivals: No. 3 QB, No. 23 OVR

ESPN: No. 2 QB, No. 27 OVR

TE Elijah Brown (Wayne; Dayton, Ohio)

Alabama landed one of its top tight end targets on Friday morning with the addition of Elijah Brown, who is a versatile player that can block and catch passes at an extremely high level. During his junior year, he caught 20 receptions for 278 yards and one touchdowns in an offense that was 70 percent run.

Height: 6'5

Weight: 230


247Sports: No. 13 TE, No. 277 OVR

Rivals: No. 7 TE, No. 239 OVR


DE/LB Walter Bob, Acadiana (Lafayette, La.)

Bob joined the Crimson Tide's class on Feb. 1 after being offered by defensive coordinator Pete Golding. His junior season included 54 total tackles, 31 solo stops, nine sacks, nine tackles for loss, and two forced fumbles.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 245


247: N/A

Rivals: N/A


ILB Robert Woodyard, (Williamson; Mobile, Ala.)

Woodyard had a monster junior campaign with 124 total tackles, one sack, one defensive touchdown, and two interceptions. He also saw time at wide receiver for Williamson, hauling in 50 passes for 508 yards and six scores. 

Height: 6'1

Weight: 210


247: No. 4 ILB, No. 68 OVR

Rivals: No. 2 ILB, No. 72 OVR

ESPN: No. 10 LB, No. 88 OVR

OT Dayne Shor, (Denmark; Alpharetta, Ga.)

"I just really liked the culture there," Shor said. "The tools they have for you to succeed and the culture were the biggest things for me. The motto of the university is, 'Where Legends Are Made.' I just feel like that goes for all aspects of the university, from athletics to sports. I don't feel that all universities get to say that. It just felt right for me and my family. I have great relationships with Coach (Doug) Marrone and Coach (Nick) Saban and all of those guys down there."

Height: 6'6

Weight: 295


247: No. 47 OT, N/A OVR

Rivals: No. 38 OT, N/A OVR

ESPN: No. 39 OT, N/A OVR

OT Elijah Pritchett, (Carver; Columbus, Ga.)

SI All-American Scouting Report: "Pritchett brings an unmatched level of athleticism on a freakish frame. He has an effortless kick slide on the left side of the offensive line and he plays with tremendous anger and aggression. He can play high at times, something that a little coaching will clean up, but otherwise a flawless prospect."

Height: 6'6

Weight: 280

SIAA: No. 1 OT, No. 16 OVR

247: No. 11 OT, No. 111 OVR

Rivals: No. 10 OT, No. 106 OVR

ESPN: No. 14 OT, No. 103 OVR

TE Jaleel Skinner, (IMG Academy; Bradenton, Fla.)

SI All-American Scouting Report: "Built like a jumbo wide receiver moreso than a classic tight end, and he'll let you know about it as well. Skinner has enough speed, and certainly the stride given his elite length, to run by linebackers and even secondary players at times. A pass catcher with a basketball background, the South Carolina native is quite comfortable attacking the football at its highest point, even through traffic. Skinner is a willing blocker with skills in space, with the ability to punch and extend enough to create angles. As he adds mass and strength, each of which he has room for, he can project as more of a balanced player. Relatively polished in the route tree, Skinner will have plenty of attention at IMG Academy this fall."

Height: 6'5

Weight: 210

SIAA: No. 1 TE, No. 36 OVR

247: No. 3 TE, No. 77 OVR

Rivals: No. 3 TE. No. 102 OVR

ESPN: No. 2 TE, No. 148 OVR

CB Trequon Fegans (Thompson; Alabaster, Ala.)

SI All-American Scouting Report: "A big cornerback well known in recruiting circles for several years, Fegans has backed up the hype at just about every turn. Though a bit more finesse than others on this list, it doesn't dampen the uncommitted Alabamian's play-making ability on offense or defense, with extreme body control and a smooth approach. He can hold his own in the boundary against a bigger target, play the football at the high point and most importantly turn you over. Whether via interception, forcing a fumble or initiating a tip drill, Fegans has a knack for making the big play. As his wiry frame fills out in college, his game will round out regardless of where he lines up. The combination of length, cover skill and sheer play-making ability make Fegans a hybrid on our board."

Height: 6'2

Weight: 181

SIAA: No. 3 Nickel, No. 70 OVR

247: No. 12 CB, No. 78 OVR

Rivals: No. 16 CB, No. 133 OVR

ESPN: No. 9 CB, No. 64 OVR

S Jake Pope (Buford; Buford, Ga.)

Height: 6'1

Weight: 190


247: No. 29 Safety, No. 378 OVR

Rivals: No. 37 ATH, NR OVR

ESPN: No. 26 Safety, NR OVR

WR Aaron Anderson (Edna Karr; New Orleans, La.)

Height: 5'9

Weight: 185


247: No. 16 WR, No. 115 OVR

Rivals: No. 16 WR, No. 126 OVR

ESPN: No. 10 WR, No. 88 OVR

This post will be updated as frequently as needed.