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Frank Kush Field Looks Awesome for Arizona State's Game vs. Colorado

That Bermuda grass sure looks great for a win against Colorado.
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When the Arizona State Sun Devils take the field every week, there's normally a few topics of discussion. 

The uniforms always seem to be great, as well as most of the player's performances throughout the course of the night as well. 

Rarely though does the actual field get talked about. That comes to no surprise, unless you're the typical dad that invests into their lawn more than anything else in life. 

Yet, ASU groundskeeper Brian Johnson flashed a little preview of what the Sun Devils and Colorado Buffaloes would be playing on over the course of the game tonight, and it sure does look great 

The field has it's usual suspects. A brightened pitchfork at midfield is accompanied by logos of Sparky and the Pac-12 on respective 25-yard lines. One end zone flashes "Arizona State" with the other flashing "Sun Devils" as a complement. 

Saturday night's big feature? The detail in the grass, as the groundskeepers did an excellent job of incorporating the Arizona state flag's rays of sunshine onto the field.

The details are especially sweet considering the uniforms Arizona State will be rocking the same pattern on their sleeves. 

The crew also did a great job at ASU's last home game, honoring the 20th anniversary of 9/11.