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Another Scrambling QB: Pittman Impressed with Nix

Keeping plays alive is something Hogs' defense has to work on this week

Sam Pittman knows what his defense is facing this week.

Auburn's Bo Nix has gone back to making something out of nothing the last two weeks and it will be a challenge for Arkansas' defense.

After Matt Corral put up 611 yards for Ole Miss last week in the Razorbacks' 52-51 loss, his scrambling and passing combined to make life miserable for the Hogs.

Nix does all of that in a wilder way. They don't start as quarterback runs but when the rush gets pressure he takes off.

"Bo makes a lot of things happen when it doesn't look like there's a possibility to," Sam Pittman said at his Monday press conference. 

And completes passes.

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"There will be some corrections and changes and different things of that nature and what our schematics could be," Pittman said at his Monday press conference about what the Hogs can do.

"There were a lot of problems we have to get fixed. One of them was certainly tackling. We couldn’t get Corral on the ground, and our secondary support was poor."

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It created more problems than what Corral was doing.

"That’s why you saw a lot of B-gap runs go to the house," he said. "We couldn’t get the edge. We let the edge go a lot on defense, and we bust several coverages. With a guy like Corral, it’s 7-on-7 or routes on air to that point."

Don't be surprised to see the Hogs add some more linemen in the front of the defense instead of just three.

"That’s some things obviously that coach [Barry Odom] and I have talked about," Pittman said. "If you’re sitting there rotating, which we are right now, eight guys on the D-line and sometimes nine … you know four times two is eight. You certainly could do it."

He won't say they will, though.

The only player that will be out for certain is right tackle Dalton Wagner, who had surgery on a finger Monday. How long he's out isn't known right now.

Kickoff against Auburn on Saturday is at 11 a.m. and will be televised on CBS.

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