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Arkansas-Ole Miss Ranked Year's No. 1 Football Game By ESPN

Arkansas-Alabama only other appearance for Hogs in Top 100 games of 2021

ESPN released the Top 50 of its list of 2021's best games, and the Arkansas-Ole Miss shootout from the second weekend in October proved the best of them all.

Writer Bill Connelly labeled the game as the best on what he deemed the best weekend in all of college football this year.

"Over the last seven seasons, Arkansas and Ole Miss have played games decided by scores of 53-52, 34-30, 38-37, 37-33 and 52-51," Connelly writes. "This might be the most reliably wild rivalry in college football, and with seven games in the top 50 (and three in the top nine) Oct. 9 was one of the greatest Saturdays in recent memory."

What put it over the top is the three touchdowns, two by Arkansas, in the final 1:22 as both teams refused to lose. Add in the instant drama of going for two after the teams combined for 103 points in regulation, and you apparently have the game of the year.

The Hogs also checked in at No. 60 with a late November loss to Alabama. 

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Connelly writes that while it's impressive that Bryce Young broke an Alabama single game passing record with a 559 yard performance that brought him back into the Heisman discussion, it was even more impressive that Arkansas played so well that Young had to have a record-breaking day to avoid a loss knocking them from playoff contention.

ESPN's complete rankings can be viewed HERE.

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