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Sam Pittman Not Pleased With ‘Lack of Intensity’ at Hogs’ Practice Tuesday

Coming off big win over Texas, Hogs' coach trying to keep team "working hard," even for Georgia Southern.

Either Arkansas didn't practice very well Tuesday or Sam Pittman was trying to make a point to his team coming off a 40-21 emotional win over Texas on Saturday.

"I didn’t feel the same even in the meetings," he said in a Zoom press conference Wednesday. "I don’t think it’s a wakeup call. I showed them yesterday three different teams that had won big games and then the next week got beat by unranked opponents. I just said, ‘Hey, you get the drift in here?’"

Coaches do this all the time. It's not really surprising Sam is using the media to send a message to the fans that he's keeping his edge.

He's also trying to keep the players from relaxing. It was just a big win over the hated Longhorns, which really doesn't mean a thing until they come into the SEC whenever.

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"I didn’t think the intensity was there ... what it needed to be and we’re going to work on that," Pittman said. "We probably haven’t been in this spot for a while, but I think we know how to get them ready and they’ll be ready."

Pittman said Monday he wasn't concerned about any possible letdown after the win. Apparently that lasted about 24 hours because he was sounding concerned Wednesday ... or else is just sending a message.

"Practice is hard," he said. "If it’s not hard, then it’s probably not right."

He's trying to create a blue-collar mentality and that's what he went back to saying Wednesday. It's part of the image and culture he's trying to build.

"We are Arkansas," he said. "The way we have had some success is because we rolled up our sleeves and we go to work. We didn’t do that to our standards which are as high as anywhere in the country and I have zero doubt that we’ll have a good practice today."