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ESPN's Low Points Out Simple NIL Truth in Morning Rush Radio Interview

On radio appearance on The Morning Rush, how courts removing NCAA, schools' control
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — You really don't have to be a veteran covering college football like ESPN's Chris Low to see the problems these days schools have dealing with this whole name, image and likeness stuff. It's much deeper. Courts have taken away any control by colleges wanting to play big-time athletics.

"NCAA rules were put in by the schools and the NCAA just enforces them," Low told Tye Richardson and Tommy Craft on The Morning Rush on ESPN Arkansas. "Now the courts say that's a breech of antitrust laws if you go out and enforce those rules. We're now in a time period where anything goes. We're now in a time period where anything goes. I don't know if there's anything you can't do to entice a kid and get him to campus."

It's really pretty simple. If the schools try to create any rules without an exemption from anti-trust laws (Congress) with collective bargaining (unions) there's nothing anybody can do. The courts have made it very clear they are on the side of the players. Don't expect it to change.

There has to be some sort of contractual agreement between the schools and the players. Just leaving if you've been paid because you don't like what you've gotten yourself into may work fine for a regular job, but nobody's saying this is a regular job. They want to be adults, welcome to the world.

Exactly where Arkansas fits in will be impossible to say because nobody knows where all of this is going to land. Right now it's all speculation, but it will be hard to complain about anybody cheating. Nobody knows what the rules are to be violated yet.


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