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NIL Might Force Razorbacks to Do What's Always Won

Suggestion from Bobby Petrino to Sam Pittman might have turned light bulb on right track
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FAYETTEVILLE, Ark. — If Arkansas has indeed come around and figured out the formula that's always worked, it's head-shaking to realize the whole name, image and likeness thing has forced it. The Razorbacks simply may not have pockets deep enough to get the same players Top 5 teams do every year.

Make no mistake, it's going to be more expensive than any of us could have ever dreamed. Don't talk about cheating, because it's complaining about what's happened which has nothing to do with the situation going forward. There's nobody left that can enforce any rules anyway.

"Our whole staff met with a guy and in that conversation, I was talking about what we’re talking about," Pittman said at his press conference Tuesday. "One of them was Bobby, who said, ‘Maybe with the Arkansas kid going to Arkansas, he wants to play for the Hogs.’ It can’t be a discrepancy of [$100,000] or $200,000. But from what you’re speaking of, kids still want to play for the Hogs. Now, not all of them. We act like every one of them was born and raised in our state at times."

Frank Broyles figured that out nearly 67 years ago. It was similar to the same thing Bear Bryant did building something at Alabama that has grown into a massive thing able to expand beyond the borders. Bryant was asked in 1979 why had had so many unheralded Alabama players on the Crimson Tide roster.

"In the fourth quarter, it just means a little more to a boy from Alabama," he said one day in the pregame build-up to a Sugar Bowl with the Hogs. 

Just look at the track record. He won about six national championships doing that with the Crimson Tide. The Razorbacks figured out how to use a similar philosophy. 

The formula for success with the Hogs for the last 67 years has been winning with over-achieving players and great coaching. Figuring that out could be the only path back to any sort of consistent success.


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