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No Clues Offered About Burks' Availability

Wide receiver Treylon Burks hasn't seen the practice field in awhile and Sam Pittman is waiting like everybody else.

We have no idea if Treylon Burks is going to be playing Saturday and Sam Pittman either doesn't know or doesn't really want to say.

Honestly, we haven't been told anything and it's probably not really anybody's business.

And, yes, fans WANT to know but they don't have a RIGHT to know.

"It's day by day," Pittman said Monday about the availability of the best player on the team. "He's progressed over the weekend. I think we're going to progress him a little bit today, probably a little bit more tomorrow and then we'll see what happens."

That was, more or less, Sam's circular way of saying he didn't really know, which he admitted.

"I have no idea," he finally said.

Pittman doesn't want to take a chance of making anything worse and affecting the reset of the season. Again, we've heard this rumor or that one, but we don't know for sure.

There are 11 more games and Burks has missed at least one game each of his two previous seasons with the Hogs.

"I don't want to play him on Saturday if he hasn't practiced at all, either," Pittman said. "We're hoping we can get him back by Wednesday."

Burks is one big question mark. Defensive lineman John Ridgeway is another, especially after his Instagram post of him in a hospital bed which is not something Pittman wants to see.

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"Yeah, we gotta work on that a little bit," Pittman said. "Don't know if he'll be able to play this week or not. Doesn't look good for that to happen.

"He's doing fine, but I don't look for him to be ready this week."

Burks, Ridgeway and JT Towers were the only players absent Monday afternoon. In green jerseys were Jalen Catalon, Blake Kern, Ryan Winkel, Myles Slusher, Zach Zimos, Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan and Jon Conley.

Trelon Smith

Running back Trelon Smith was back at practice without a green jersey Monday afternoon.

Most notably NOT in a green jersey on Monday was starting running back Trelon Smith, who went through all the drills the media could watch.

"We're a little beat up right now," said Pittman. "We're going to be fine on Saturday. There's more green out there in jerseys than what we wish we had."

The good news is most of those aren't something that appear to be something that's going to cause extended absences.

"Certainly, we haven't had any injuries that were season-ending and things of that nature," Pittman said. "We're still beat up a little more than I'd like to be on a Monday, but also you have to practice.

"We'll be smart with those guys but anticipating that we get most of them back for the game. I feel good about the team and where they're at spirit wise and where they are mentally."

When the first depth chart was released Monday, Burks was still listed as a starter at wide receiver along with Tyson Morris and De'Vion Warren. Blake Kern was listed No. 1 at tight end and was one of the players working in a green jersey Monday.

Tight end Blake Kern in a green jersey at practice Monday.

Tight end Blake Kern in green non-contact jersey at Monday's practice.