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It Won't Be Shocking to See Treylon Burks on Field

While Sam Pittman has danced all around the availability of Arkansas' best receiver, he hasn't said why he wasn't seen at practices.

After spending half the month of fall camp just dancing around why nobody has seen Treylon Burks at practice, game time is here.

Based on what I've heard from multiple sources in the last 48 hours, Burks, a junior from Warren, Ark., will be playing Saturday. No one has said that will be less than 100%.

Sam Pittman hasn't flatly stated Burks is even not being at the limited media viewing of practices because of a specific injury. Pittman is good at saying some things that don't really say much and on this he's been cloudy.

Nobody knows what the injury has been ... or even if it is an injury. Since Pittman is so paranoid about speculating on injuries, we're not going there since we haven't been given anything approaching an official report.

Burks was listed as the starter on the first depth chart released Monday and nothing has changed publicly since then.

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Pittman, meanwhile, has just kept saying Burks is "day to day," which tells nobody anything. He doesn't have to tell anybody what the deal is.

There will be some story after Saturday, though, and maybe a strain or something.

With such tight restrictions on what the media can see during practices we have no real idea if Burks missed complete practices or just the first few periods.

Exactly what is gained from doing that is beyond me because the guess is Rice has been preparing for the Hogs best receiver to be on the field Saturday.

Kickoff for the game is 1 p.m. but we'll know about a couple of hours before when they come out to loosen up.

Don't be surprised if Burks is out there in full pads ready to go full tilt.