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Talk of Practice: Dominique Johnson on Bone-Crushing Blocking

Sam Pittman talked about the big running back's block earlier but over a week later folks are still talking about rattling defenders

Sam Pittman has said the only time a running back really blocks well is if he wants to.

Dominique Johnson is one of those guys. It just happens he can run the ball pretty well, too.

And he lays people out when he does it. Against Texas A&M he completely wiped out a defender and it was called an illegal block. He had another bone-crusher against Ole Miss over a week ago.

"We had a running play a couple of plays before that play and I had actually overran the man, so I didn’t see him the first time," Johnson said after Tuesday's practice. "I was running to the sideline and Malik Hornsby was like, ‘Slow down next time ... you overran the man.’ Then we ran the play again a couple plays later, and I had seen him right there."

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He works on those blocks in practice.

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"I just love practicing near foot near shoulder because I’m pretty good at it," he said. "I crack people at practice."

Safety Simeon Blair has seen them and was sitting beside Johnson, smiling and nodding in agreement on all of it.

"I was probably the talk of practice for about a week for that block," Johnson said. "Everybody was talking me up about it. The whole team gets excited when I make blocks like that. They all want to see it. It makes me want to make more blocks like that."

Arkansas will look to end a three-game losing streak Saturday against Arkansas-Pine Bluff in Little Rock. The game kicks off at 11 a.m. and will be televised on the SEC Network.

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