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Is Jerry Looking for Big Easy Fix to 'McCarthy Problem?'

Sean Payton walking away from Saints may give Cowboys owner an opening ... if he wants it

Jerry Jones may now have a solution to his Mike McCarthy Problem.

Sean Payton, only coach who can save Jerry from himself in the eyes of many, doesn't coach in New Orleans any more.

Whether it was on purpose or not, well, nobody is probably going to ever know what Jones knew — and when — about this whole deal.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy probably has no idea.

The former Razorback who made it into the Pro Football Hall of Fame has waffled all over the place about McCarthy's status since the Cowboys were knocked out of the playoffs and now a lot of folks know why.

New Orleans coach Sean Payton has officially stepped out on the Saints and may be in the coaching free agent market.

Nobody knows if he would even be interested in coaching for the Cowboys. A lot of people THINK they know, but they don't really know for sure.

The only people talking don't really know and the people who DO know aren't saying a word.

Dallas would be a natural landing spot for Payton ... if he wants to keep coaching. There's always television and those salaries are competitive with what top coaches make.

Whether he would get the Cowboys to the Super Bowl or not is anybody's guess. That's dealing with facts not in evidence.

Sean Payton
Jerry Jones-Sean Payton
Mike McCarthy-49ers
Sean Payton-Bill Parcells
Jerry Jones-Roger Goodell

It's just a guess, but McCarthy may have gotten the choice when Jones pulled the plug on Jason Garrett, then a pandemic hit the country and everything was turned upside-down.

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McCarthy was considered a safe hire at the time by many of the self-proclaimed experts out there. He had taken a team to a title and too often those experts think they can do it anywhere.

Different city. Different team. In the case of Joe Gibbs and Washington, we found out there's no guarantee you can do it in the same city with the same team.

Jones has said for years letting Payton leave in 2006 was one of his bigger mistakes with the Cowboys. Sometimes it's a fluid situation ranking those mistakes in Dallas.

You have to wonder, though, if Payton really wants to coach ... or if he does is that in Dallas with Jerry. Just because they are friendly doesn't mean it will put the Cowboys in a Super Bowl.

Or win it.

The only Super Bowls the Cowboys have under Jerry came under the direction of head coaches that had only won college national championships.

The "experts" didn't think that would work, either.

We'll find out if Payton walked away from the Saints to go to work for Jerry.

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